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Diamonds come in almost every color. They are divided into two categories: colorless diamonds and fancy color diamonds. Here, we are considering colorless diamonds from the perspective of color. Diamonds are graded from colorless to slightly yellow. White diamonds are much rarer than tinted diamonds, making colorless white diamonds more valuable than tinted ones.

Verlobungsring Frankfurt

Color Chart for Colorless Diamonds

Diamant Farben

It is the rough crystal itself that determines whether the diamond will appear white (colorless) or tinted. In the diamond grading laboratory, all diamonds are compared and categorized using a master stone. In the certificate, you will find a letter under the Color section. On the left side of the chart, you can see the subtle gradations.

Other terms used to describe the color are:

River (D-E)

Top Wesselton (F-G)

Wesselton (H)

Top Cristal (I)

Cristal (J-K)


Diamond Colour Grading Diamond Whiteness Samples on White Colour Grading Card

Fancy color Diamonds

super rare in itself 

The 4 C



What means Carat?

Diamant schleifen


What means Cut?

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What means Clarity?



What means Color?


Does my diamond have to be color grade D? That is up to you to decide. For an investment purpose, a high-quality color grade is advantageous.

How can I achieve an optimal price-performance ratio? From our perspective, this cannot be answered universally as it depends on the material of your ring. If your ring is made of yellow gold, a diamond with color grade G-I will still appear white due to the contrast with the yellow gold. However, if the diamond is to be set in platinum or white gold, we recommend a maximum color grade of G.

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