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1. Lets think together

Meet Chris in a first meeting in zoom or live in Frankfurt/Germany or Palma de Mallorca. Here is space to talk about Ideas, Gemstones and materials. Face to face is the best point to start your nice jewelry journey. 


2. Sketches and Models

In the second step you will recieve sketches from the design process. After approving we will create a 3D Modell for you. Here you can see the real proportions and how it will look like. 

iPad Pro in the hand of a man sitting on the couch beside the window_Skizze1.png

3. traditional craftsmanship

Every bespoke Jewelry piece starts from zero and is made only for you. Chris is a Mastergoldsmith and combines traditional art of goldsmithing with new technology. 

A new born masterpiece

The magic moment when you receive your masterpiece. You are welcome to visit our Atelier in Frankfurt and take your Jewelrypiece direct from Chris. For international clients we deliver your Masterpiece with a secure currier service direct to you.

Please keep in mind that bespoke Masterpieces from Chris start at $10.000.

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